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Hibernate ORM documentation

Hibernate ORM documentation

Reference documentation

2015-05-27 development
Improved bootstrapping, hibernate-java8, hibernate-spatial, Karaf support
2015-05-14 stable
JPA 2.1 support
2015-04-15 stable
ORM maintenance release, JPA 2.0

Documentation for older versions can be found on the reference documentation site.

Guides and Docs

Getting started guide (brief)

A gentle introduction to the concepts of Hibernate ORM.

Getting started guide (full)

Our full getting started guide.

Developer’s Guide

A detailed guide specifically for developers, including the use of extension points and optional modules.

JPA 2.1 JavaDoc

The JPA API JavaDoc in particular the mapping annotations.

Other documentation

Make sure to check the FAQ. Last but not least, you can find some additional documentation in our JBoss wiki and GitHub wiki.

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