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Hibernate Search Downloads

Hibernate Search Downloads

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2017-02-22 stable
Maven gav: org.hibernate:hibernate-search-orm:5.7.0.Final; compatible with Hibernate ORM 5.2.8.Final
Experimental Elasticsearch integration, compatibility with Hibernate ORM 5.2.x
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2017-02-22 stable
Maven gav: org.hibernate:hibernate-search-orm:5.6.1.Final; compatible with Hibernate ORM 5.1.3.Final
Experimental Elasticsearch integration
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Older releases can be found on SourceForge or in JBoss's Maven repository.

Maven repository

Maven artifacts of Hibernate Search are published to Maven Central and to the JBoss Maven Repository under org.hibernate:hibernate-search-orm.

Maven dependency

Supported versions

Hibernate Search is a fully supported component of the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

In addition the Red Hat JBoss Data Grid can extend its functionality by adding high performance real time index replication across clusters of servers.

If you are looking for Hibernate Search support, contact Red Hat.

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