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Hibernate Search roadmap

Hibernate Search roadmap

Hibernate Search is community driven and as such the roadmap constantly evolves to reflect the users needs. You can find a finer grained roadmap in our issue tracker but this page is a good and concise view of where we are going. Dates are generally omitted: while milestones are released regularly, the Final release is tagged when it’s stable.

Hibernate Search 5.0

Based on Apache Lucene version 4, which will lead to some compatibility breaks over the Hibernate Search 4.x series.

Apache Lucene 4.x

Move to Apache Lucene 4.x. This is a significant departure and is the cause of most compatibility breaks. Speed and feature improvements will flow from this migration.

Dynamic type indexing

Rather than focusing on statically annotated entities we’ll also provide more flexible "schema" definitions.

Uncommitted changes in a transaction

Expose uncommitted changes to queries run in the current transaction.

Classloader SPI

Explicit classloader SPI for better EAP integration as modules.

API / SPI for alternative backends

Define API / SPI abstraction to allow for future external backends integrations such as Apache Solr and Elastic Search.

Asynchronous FieldBridge

ex. improved integration with Apache Tika.

Performance regression tests

Add more and better performance regression tests.

Hibernate Search 5.1

CDI integration

Offer a portable extension to help integrate in CDI.

Better clustering

Solid Infinispan and JGroups integration, ease of setup.


Use Jandex for annotation scanning for faster boot in both JavaSE and in WildFly.

High performance backend queues

Low contention non blocking queues.

Automated performance regression tests

'nuf said.

New Faceting engine

Apache Lucene 4 based faceting engine for better performance.

Auto suggestion and spell checking

Simplify work for users building auto suggestions and spell checking features.

New quickstart and demo

Quickstarts and demos for JBoss Developer Framework.

Hibernate Search 5.2

Pre-analysis of text in the transaction context

Better remoting/clustering & scalability.

Hibernate ORM 5.x / JPA 2.1 / Java EE 7

Provides compatibility with Hibernate ORM 5.0. Might need to be pushed earlier to match Hibernate ORM 5 plans.

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