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Hibernate Validator roadmap

Hibernate Validator roadmap

Hibernate Validator is community driven and as such the roadmap constantly evolves to reflect the users needs. You can find a fine grained roadmap in our issue tracker, but this page is a good starting point to see where we are going.

Hibernate Validator 5.3


Expose Validator as OSGi service (HV-570)

Annotation processor improvements

Taking into account XML configuration (HV-308)
Verify group sequences (HV-455)
Verify the validity of constraint declarations (e.g. min < max for @Size) (HV-270)


Integration with JavaFX (HV-653)
Introduce mechanism to order constraints (HV-462)
Better integration with ORM, especially DDL constraint generation (HV-830)
New range of Hibernate Validator specific constraints and potential dedicated constraint module (HV-553)
Create standalone method interceptor using Byteman (HV-432)


Provide ability to retrieve metadata from Jandex index (HV-644)
Further unification of bean and method validation (HV-467)
Switch to Gradle as build tool (HV-641)

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