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Getting started with Hibernate ORM

Getting started with Hibernate ORM

This page lists just the basic information needed to get up and running with Hibernate ORM 4.3. More thorough information is presented in the Getting Started Guide in the documentation.

System Requirements

Java 6 or higher (building Hibernate from source requires JDK 7 due to a bug in the JDK 6 compiler).

Dependency Management

It is highly recommended to consume Hibernate ORM artifacts through a dependency management tool. The artifacts can be found in Maven’s central repository but are released first in the JBoss maven repository. Snapshots are only pushed to the JBoss snapshot repository, so if you want to use SNAPSHOT versions be sure to add the JBoss snapshot repository properly according to your build tool of choice.

The main Hibernate ORM artifact is named hibernate-core. If you wish to use JPA support, you would instead name hibernate-entitymanager.

There are also a number of optional artifacts based on what specific features you wich to use. These are discussed in the Getting Started Guide.

To use Hibernate ORM in your own project you just need to name a dependency on it in your project.

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