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Hibernate Search

Hibernate Search transparently indexes your objects and offers fast regular, full-text and geolocation search. Ease of use and easy clustering are core.

Full-text search for entities

Offers full-text search support for objects stored by Hibernate ORM, Infinispan and other sources. Think of it as Google(tm) for your entities:

  • search words with text

  • order results by relevance

  • find by approximation (fuzzy search)


Clustering indexes is not trivial. Hibernate Search offers several easy to setup clustering strategies:

  • master / slaves

  • JMS / JGroups replication

  • Infinispan distributed index

Faceting and geolocation

Geolocalized entities are as easy as @Spatial. Filter results around a certain location like the user position. Hibernate Search offers two algorithms: a light one or a more scalable one.

Faceting categorizes results by properties like price range or brand.

Easy to use

Designed to be easy to use from the ground up. Handles indexing, datastore synchronization, clustering and infrastructure transparently while you focus on the business side of your queries.

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