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Hibernate ORM Roadmap

Hibernate ORM Roadmap

Hibernate ORM is community driven! Therefore, the roadmap is extremely fluid and evolves frequently. The most detailed and up-to-date roadmap is consists of the issues and planned release versions in JIRA: issue tracker. However, the following is a decent view of where we’re headed.

Hibernate ORM 4.2

Hibernate ORM 4.2 is in production and is therefore in maintenance mode. Only bug fixes and important improvements will be included in future 4.2.x versions. Releases are generally within a 30 day time-box.

Hibernate ORM 4.3

JPA 2.1

Full support of the JPA 2.1 spec

Hibernate ORM 5.0

Redesigned metamodel

Complete replacement for the current org.hibernate.mapping code

Query parser

Improved query parser based on Antlr 3/4

Multi-tenancy improvements

Discriminator-based multi-tenancy

Follow-on fetches

Two-phase loading via LoadPlans/EntityGraphs

OSGi improvements

Support dynamic runtimes, multiple tenancy, multiple persistence units, and more.

Hibernate ORM 5.x

hibernate-core & hibernate-entitymanager merge

Merging the 2 artifacts, heavily relying on JPA-based implementations from native Hibernate APIs, etc.

Popular issues in JIRA

Focus on JIRA issues with high numbers of votes (many will require the new Query parser)

Accessing JDBC results by position

JDBC results-by-position, rather than names, provides a big performance impact

LoadPlan as an AST

Antlr query parser generates a LoadPlan

ORM as a generic persistence engine

Research supporting OGM/Search use cases


Major improvements to documentation and guides, including numerous topic-based docs

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