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Current version

[German] Hibernate Search: Volltextsuche in Spring-Boot-Projekten

A presentation of Hibernate Search 6 and its use in a Spring Boot application.

Quarkus Insights #32: Hibernate Search

A discussion of Hibernate Search 6 in Quarkus, how to use it and how it helps.

Demo code: here.

RESTful Search with Spring and Hibernate Search 6

A tutorial on how to quickly create a REST API based on Spring and Hibernate Search 6, using either the Apache Lucene backend or the Elasticsearch backend.

Quarkus - Hibernate Search guide

The official guide for the Hibernate Search extension in Quarkus.

Hibernate Search in Quarkus

A tutorial using Hibernate Search 6 and Quarkus.

Demo code: here.

6.0 Alphas/Betas (slightly different API, but still relevant)

How to Keep Elasticsearch in Sync with Relational Databases?

A tutorial using Hibernate Search 6 and Quarkus.

Demo code: here.

From table to index (and back) with Hibernate Search 6

A presentation of Hibernate Search 6 and how it provides integration of Elasticsearch with a relational database.

Demo code: here.

5.x and below (completely different API)

Full-Text Search with Hibernate Search and Spring Boot

A tutorial using Hibernate Search 5 and Spring Boot.

Add full-text search to your application with Hibernate Search

A tutorial using Hibernate Search 5.

Part 1 explains the basics.

Part 2 deals with more complex analysis.

Part 3 deals with faceted search.

From Hibernate to Elasticsearch in no time

A presentation of the integration of Hibernate Search 5 with Elasticsearch.

Demo code: here.

Hibernate Search in Action

A slightly outdated book on Hibernate Search but a very good reference on the product and search engines in general. It was written by members of the Hibernate Search team at the time.

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