Hibernate Validator


Hibernate Validator Annotation Processor

Have you ever put a constraint annotation to an unsupported location and wished to find out about that at build time rather than at runtime? Then the Hibernate Validator Annotation Processor is the right thing for you.

It helps to detect glitches such as:

  • Putting a constraint to bean properties which are not supported by that constraint (e.g. putting @Date to a String)

  • Annotating the setter of a bean property instead of the getter

  • Adding constraints to static fields or methods

When detecting these and other unsupported constraint usages, the Hibernate Validator Annotation Processor will raise an error at build time, saving you valuable time.

The annotation processor is based on JSR 269 and thus can be plugged into command line builds (e.g. using Maven or Gradle) as well as into most IDEs. In order to e.g. use it in Maven-based projects, simply add the following dependency to your POM file:


Read more about how to set up the processor, which options there are and which errors it detects in the reference guide.

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