Hibernate Search


Thanks for your interest! Hibernate Search is an open source project and community. We love contributions that scratch somebody’s own itch, it brings the project forward.

Getting and building the code

You will need Maven 3 and git to get and build the sources.

git clone git@github.com:hibernate/hibernate-search.git
cd hibernate-search
mvn clean install
You can find more information on how to build Hibernate Search and its documentation on the README file at the root of the git repository.

What to contribute

You can contribute anything from code to test to documentation. If you do not have a specific itch to scratch, you can find the list of tasks suitable for new contributors.

How to contribute

Do share early and often. Don’t be afraid, make the jump.

In good open source way, it is better to share a prototype and get input from everyone. We love GitHub pull requests. This is our way to discuss features, review and share code. So fork our repository and send a pull request. We are waiting.

Want to know more about Git and pull requests? You can start with this blog post.

A good contribution has some or all of the following characteristics:

  • it respects the project code style - find templates for Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA

  • a feature or bug fix has an associated suite of tests

  • documentation is updated

  • the code compiles and the tests pass mvn clean install

And last but not least, come discuss with us. We are hanging on the hibernate-dev mailing list and on #hibernate-dev on freenode. Find how to join then here.

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