Corporate contributors

Corporate contributors

Red Hat, Inc.

Red Hat, Inc. is the main sponsor of the Hibernate projects.

It funds the development of all the Hibernate portfolio.

The Hibernate projects are productized to be part of the Red Hat® JBoss® Middleware line of products.

EPAM Systems, Inc. provides complex software engineering solutions and technology services with delivery capacity distributed across Central and Eastern Europe. It delivers services to clients located primarily in North America, Western Europe, and Central and Eastern Europe or CEE.

EPAM Systems, Inc. contributes developers time to the Hibernate OGM project.


SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, and announced SAP HANA, a breakthrough in-memory database, which provides advanced analytics on multi-modal data (e.g. streaming, time-series, graph, or geo-spatial data).

SAP contributes to the Hibernate ORM, Search, and OGM projects to ensure the best support for SAP HANA in your application.


Infrastructure providers

Red Hat

Red Hat provides funding for our official CI infrastructure based on Jenkins.


Atlassian provides us a free instance of JIRA.


Our source code is hosted on GitHub.

Travis CI

We also use Travis CI to benefit from CI in our personal forks.


Our community forums are hosted on a free instance provided by Discourse.

Zulip by Kandra Labs

Kandra Labs provides us a free Zulip instance.

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