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Migration Guide from Hibernate Search 5.5 to 5.6

Here we are helping you migrate your existing Search application to the latest and greatest.

Upgrade to Search 5.6.x from 5.5.x

The aim of this guide is to assist you migrating an existing application using any version 5.5.x of Hibernate Search to the latest of the 5.6.x series. If you’re looking to migrate different versions see Hibernate Search migration guides.

This document provides pointers for a migration. It refers to Hibernate Search version 5.6.0.Final. If you think something is missing or something does not work, please contact us.


This version of Hibernate Search now requires using Apache Lucene 5.5.x.

API changes

This release of Hibernate Search upgrades the dependency to Lucene from 5.3.1 to 5.5.2. In case you are working with Lucene types directly, check out the Apache Lucene 5 migration guide as well as the Apache Lucene 5.4 and 5.5 change logs.

Below are the changes on application programming interfaces that require changes on the existing implementations or clients. Please refer to the javadoc for the expected behavior of changed/added methods.


  • a new method getShardIdentifiersForDeletion() has been added (HSEARCH-2075).

org.hibernate.search.jpa.FullTextQuery and org.hibernate.search.FullTextQuery:

  • setFilter(Filter filter); has been deprecated. See the javadoc for how to avoid using it.


  • this annotation has been deprecated and will ultimately be removed with no replacement.

Please also note those new features that may help when writing new code, but don’t require any change to existing code:

  • the sort DSL

  • the experimental org.hibernate.search.bridge.MetadataProvidingFieldBridge interface, that allows custom bridges implementing it to define both the exact type of their custom (additional) fields (for proper querying support on numeric fields, in particular) and whether those fields should be sortable (for better performance when sorting).

SPI changes

Below are the changes on service provider interfaces that require changes on the existing implementations or clients. Please refer to the javadoc for the expected behavior of changed/added methods.


  • a new method flushAndReleaseResources() has been added.

  • getSerializer() has been deprecated and is not used anymore: implementations may make this a no-op and safely return null.

  • a new method awaitAsyncProcessingCompletion() has been added.

The changes below are unlikely to impact anyone, but are mentioned here for the sake of completeness.


  • a new method flushAndReleaseResources() has been added.

  • initialize() has been changed to accept any kind of IndexManager now instead of DirectoryBasedIndexManager.

  • getExclusiveWriteLock() has been removed.

  • indexMappingChanged() has been removed.


  • getAnalyzer() has been renamed to getAnalyzerReference and now returns an org.hibernate.search.analyzer.spi.AnalyzerReference.


  • getIdentifierName() has been renamed to getIdPropertyName()

  • getIdKeywordName() has been renamed to getIdFieldName()


  • a new method ClassLoaderService getClassLoaderService() has been added.

  • a new method <S extends Service> ServiceReference<S> requestReference(Class<S> serviceRole) has been added.


  • toLuceneQuery(ScopedAnalyzer) has been changed to accept a DocumentBuilderIndexedEntity instead of a ScopedAnalyzer.


  • a new method awaitAsyncProcessingCompletion() has been added.


  • this interface now extends org.hibernate.search.engine.service.spi.Service.


  • a new method LuceneWorkSerializer getWorkSerializer() has been added.

  • a new method HSQuery createHSQuery(Query luceneQuery, Class<?>…​ entities) has been added.

  • createHSQuery() has been deprecated. It should not be used anymore: createHSQuery(Query, Class<?>…​) should be used instead.


  • a new method boolean isMultitenancyEnabled() has been added.

  • we kindly remind you that implementing classes should not implement SearchConfiguration directly but rather extend org.hibernate.search.cfg.spi.SearchConfigurationBase, so as to shield them from additions to SearchConfiguration.


  • a new method String getQueryString() has been added.

Index structure

For users of 5.6.0.BetaX and the Elasticsearch backend. You must reindex your data when migrating to 5.6.0.Final. We changed how we store and fetch the id from Elasticsearch and indexes generated by the beta versions are not compatible with the final version. See HSEARCH-2636 to make it a better experience in the future.

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