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5.4.1.Final 2018-12-18 stable

WildFly 13 Feature Pack - JPA 2.2 - Hibernate ORM 5.3 - Infinispan 9.4

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5.3.1.Final 2018-03-28 stable

Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.2 and Hibernate Search 5.9

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5.2.0.Final 2018-02-05 stable

Grouping for Infinispan remote, move dialects in separate repositories, support map-reduce in MongoDB native queries

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See older series


5.1.0.Final 2017-03-01 stable

Hibernate ORM 5.1, Neo4j and Infinispan remote, Aggregation in MongoDB native queries, Operations grouping

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5.0.4.Final 2017-01-05 stable

Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5 and Hibernate Search 5

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4.2.0.Final 2015-06-01 stable

Queries on embedded id properties for Neo4j and MongoDB, Bugfixes

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4.1.3.Final 2015-03-13 stable

JPA object mapper for NoSQL

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4.0.0.Beta4 2013-10-25 development

Last release using Hibernate ORM 4.2 and JPA 2.1. Initial Neo4j integration; support for store-specific native queries.

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Getting started guide

For a gentle introduction to the concepts of Hibernate OGM without being sidetracked by other technologies.

Migration guide

Moving to a new Hibernate OGM version? Make sure to keep an eye on this page.

Other documentation

Make sure to check the FAQ. Further information can be found on the Hibernate OGM wiki pages.

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