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5.4.1.Final 2018-12-18 stable

WildFly 13 Feature Pack - JPA 2.2 - Hibernate ORM 5.3 - Infinispan 9.4

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5.3.1.Final 2018-03-28 stable

Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.2 and Hibernate Search 5.9

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5.2.0.Final 2018-02-05 stable

Grouping for Infinispan remote, move dialects in separate repositories, support map-reduce in MongoDB native queries

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See older series


5.1.0.Final 2017-03-01 stable

Hibernate ORM 5.1, Neo4j and Infinispan remote, Aggregation in MongoDB native queries, Operations grouping

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5.0.4.Final 2017-01-05 stable

Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5 and Hibernate Search 5

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4.2.0.Final 2015-06-01 stable

Queries on embedded id properties for Neo4j and MongoDB, Bugfixes

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4.1.3.Final 2015-03-13 stable

JPA object mapper for NoSQL

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4.0.0.Beta4 2013-10-25 development

Last release using Hibernate ORM 4.2 and JPA 2.1. Initial Neo4j integration; support for store-specific native queries.

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Getting started guide

For a gentle introduction to the concepts of Hibernate OGM without being sidetracked by other technologies.

Migration guide

Moving to a new Hibernate OGM version? Make sure to keep an eye on this page.

Other documentation


Frequently asked questions.

JBoss-Developer wiki

Old wiki hosted at Mostly out-of-date content.

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