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Migration Guide from Hibernate Search 5.2 to 5.3

Here we are helping you migrate your existing Search application to the latest and greatest.

Upgrade to Search 5.3.x from 5.2.x

The aim of this guide is to assist you migrating an existing application using any version 5.2.x of Hibernate Search to the latest of the 5.3.x series. If you’re looking to migrate different versions see Hibernate Search migration guides.

This document provides pointers for a migration. It refers to Hibernate Search version 5.3.0.Final. If you think something is missing or something does not work, please contact us.


The basic requirements didn’t change.

API changes

The Faceting API and engine

The Faceting engine has seen significant improvements. Most of the changes don’t affect the API, with two very notable exceptions:

  1. You have to add a @Facet (or @Facets) annotation on the fields which you intend to use for faceting.

  2. The maximum number of facets returned by a query is now 100 by default. You can override this to a value of your own by calling .maxFacetCount( <value> ) when building the faceting request.

A full explanation and examples can be found on the this blog post.

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