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Migration Guide from Hibernate Search 5.7 to 5.8

Here we are helping you migrate your existing Search application to the latest and greatest.

Upgrade to Hibernate Search 5.8.x from 5.7.x

The aim of this guide is to assist you migrating an existing application using any version 5.7.x of Hibernate Search to the latest of the 5.8.x series. If you’re looking to migrate different versions see Hibernate Search migration guides.

This document provides pointers for a migration. It refers to Hibernate Search version 5.8.0.Final. If you think something is missing or something does not work, please contact us.


The basic requirements didn’t change.

Configuration changes

hibernate.search.index_uninverting_allowed now defaults to false, resulting in exceptions being thrown when you attempt to sort on a field that hasn’t been marked with @SortableField, instead of simply logging a warning.

A new request timeout, set to 60s by default, has been added: hibernate.search.default.elasticsearch.request_timeout. If you execute requests taking more than 60s, you will have to raise this timeout, as well as the others (socket timeout, …​). See the documentation for more information.

Index schema management strategy options in the Elasticsearch integration have been renamed to be more in line with the similar JPA options:

  • none stays the same

  • validate stays the same

  • merge is now update

  • create stays the same

  • recreate is now drop-and-create

  • recreate-delete is now drop-and-create-and-drop

The ram directory provider has been renamed to local-heap. The ram name still works, but will be removed in a future version.

Pretty-printing of JSON in logs is now disabled by default. It can be enabled using the configuration option hibernate.search.elasticsearch.log.json_pretty_printing.

API changes

Below are the changes on application programming interfaces that require changes on the existing implementations or clients. Please refer to the javadoc for the expected behavior of changed/added methods.

org.hibernate.search.jpa.FullTextQuery, org.hibernate.search.FullTextQuery, org.hibernate.search.jpa.FullTextEntityManager, org.hibernate.search.FullTextSession:

  • Internal changes related to merging the JPA implementations with the native ones may result in some differences in the type of exceptions being thrown. If you have specific exception handling code around full-text query execution, you may want to test it again. See this commit message for more information.

  • FullTextEntityManager#getDelegate() now returns the actual delegate (it used to return the delegate’s delegate).

Full-text filters:

  • .filterBy() in the query DSL now accepts any org.apache.lucene.search.Query instance, and not to just org.apache.lucene.search.Filter instances.

  • Full-text filters can now be implemented with any org.apache.lucene.search.Query instance, and do not limit you to using only org.apache.lucene.search.Filter instances.

  • Since the org.apache.lucene.search.Filter type is deprecated in Lucene and will ultimately be removed, you are encouraged to move away from using it.

Analyzer definition providers:

  • Interfaces of analyzer definition providers moved since they were first introduced as experimental concepts. Their new locations are:

    • org.hibernate.search.analyzer.definition.LuceneAnalysisDefinitionProvider

    • org.hibernate.search.elasticsearch.analyzer.definition.ElasticsearchAnalysisDefinitionProvider

Sortable fields:

  • Sort fields are now expected to either be assigned a normalizer, or to not be analyzed at all. You can find out more about normalizers in the reference documentation:

@DynamicBoost, @Boost:

  • Index-time boosting capabilities have been deprecated. Index-time boosting will not be possible anymore starting from Lucene 7. You should use query-time boosting instead, for instance by calling org.hibernate.search.query.dsl.FieldCustomization#boostedTo(float) when building queries with the Hibernate Search query DSL.


  • Using multiple @Parameter with the same name in the same array of parameters will now trigger an exception.

Please also note those new features that may help when writing new code, but don’t require any change to existing code:

  • .must() / .should in the QueryBuilder now accept (and ignore) null queries.

  • QueryBuilder now offers a new queryString method, allowing to execute queries written by end users in a controlled way. See this blog post for more information.

  • FullTextSession.unwrap( FullTextSession.class ) now works correctly (it used to throw an exception).

SPI changes

Below are the changes on service provider interfaces that require changes on the existing implementations or clients. Please refer to the javadoc for the expected behavior of changed/added methods.

General changes:

  • org.hibernate.search.spi.IndexedTypeIdentifier is now used throughout our SPIs to refer to indexed types instead of java.lang.Class. Many methods accepting or returning Class have been replaced with new versions accepting or returning IndexedTypeIdentifier. If you use DeleteByQueryWork, you might need to convert a Class<?> to an IndexedTypeIdentifier: in that case, use searchIntegrator.getIndexBindings().keyFromPojoType( myClass ).


  • Backends are now expected to plug into Hibernate Search by registering a org.hibernate.search.backend.spi.Backend service, instead of a org.hibernate.search.backend.spi.BackendQueueProcessor. The backend will then create the queue processors when requested. The previous mechanism of registering a org.hibernate.search.backend.spi.BackendQueueProcessor is still supported, but has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version.


  • the filter(Filter) method is now deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Use a full-text filter instead, or handle filtering using boolean junctions when building the query.

  • the targetedTypes methods have been removed. Target type information should now be passed when creating the query.


  • the deprecated createHSQuery() method has been removed. Use createHSQuery(Query, Class…​) instead.


  • the deprecated getIndexingStrategy() method has been removed in favor of getIndexingMode().


  • the deprecated getIndexingStrategy() method has been removed in favor of getIndexingMode().


  • this interface has been removed in favor of org.hibernate.search.spi.SearchIntegratorBuilder.


  • this interface has been removed in favor of org.hibernate.search.spi.SearchIntegrator.

The changes below are unlikely to impact anyone, but are mentioned here for the sake of completeness.


  • getMissingValueStrategy() has been replaced with createMissingValueStrategy(ServiceManager serviceManager, SearchConfiguration cfg).


  • createHSQuery(SearchIntegrator) has been removed

  • a new method createHSQuery(SearchIntegrator, IndexedTypeSet) has been added.

  • a new method createHSQuery(SearchIntegrator, List<CustomTypeMetadata>) has been added.


  • getSelectionStrategy() has been replaced with getIndexManagerSelector()

  • getIndexManagers() has been removed. Use getIndexManagerSelector().all() instead.


  • getMetadata() has been removed in favor of getTypeMetadata().

  • close() has been removed.


  • a new method createProvidedAnalyzerReferences() has been added.

  • initializeAnalyzerReferences(Collection, Map) has been replaced with void initializeAnalyzerReferences(Collection, Map, Collection, Map).

  • a new method createProvidedNormalizerReferences() has been added.

  • a new method createNamedNormalizerReference(String) has been added.

  • a new method createLuceneClassNormalizerReference(String) has been added.


  • getAnalyzer() has been removed.


  • this class has been removed.


  • getAnalyzer() has been removed.

  • a new method isNormalizer(String) has been added.


  • getVerifiedIndexDir(String, Properties, boolean) has been removed


  • createLockFactory now expects a Path instead of a File.

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