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Migration Guide from Hibernate Search 5.8 to 5.9

Here we are helping you migrate your existing Search application to the latest and greatest.

Upgrade to Hibernate Search 5.9.x from 5.8.x

The aim of this guide is to assist you migrating an existing application using any version 5.8.x of Hibernate Search to the latest of the 5.9.x series. If you’re looking to migrate different versions see Hibernate Search migration guides.

This document provides pointers for a migration. It refers to Hibernate Search version 5.9.0.Final. If you think something is missing or something does not work, please contact us.


The basic requirements didn’t change.

Configuration changes

The configuration properties didn’t change.

API changes

The APIs didn’t change.

Note that new APIs were introduced as part of the JSR-352 integration.

SPI changes

  • org.hibernate.search.backend.impl.jms.AbstractJMSHibernateSearchController is now deprecated. implementors should extend org.hibernate.search.backend.jms.spi.AbstractJMSHibernateSearchController instead.

  • A new SPI, org.hibernate.search.orm.spi.SearchIntegratorHelper, allows to extract a SearchIntegrator from a SessionFactory. This should mainly be of use for implementors of AbstractJMSHibernateSearchController.

  • org.hibernate.search.elasticsearch.spi.DigestSelfSigningCapable has been removed. HTTP entities passed to the client now implement writeTo(OutputStream), which can be called to retrieve and process the content of the entity.

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