Hibernate Search

5.9 series stable

JSR 352 (Batch for Java) mass indexing job, WildFly feature packs, improvements and deprecations paving the road to Search 6


Java 8
Hibernate ORM 5.2 (>= 5.2.3.Final)
Elasticsearch server 2.0 - 5.6
Apache Lucene 5.5

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How to get it

Maven, Gradle...

Maven artifacts of Hibernate Search are published to Maven Central and to the JBoss Maven repository. Refer to the Maven Getting Started guide on the JBoss Wiki for more information on how to configure the JBoss Maven repository.

You can find the Maven coordinates of all artifacts through the link below:

Maven artifacts

Below are the Maven coordinates of the main artifacts.

Hibernate ORM integration
Elasticsearch integration
Amazon IAM authentication for Elasticsearch
JGroups backend
JMS backend
JSR 352 (Batch for Java) integration - Core
JSR 352 (Batch for Java) integration - JBeret specifics
WildFly feature pack - Engine
WildFly feature pack - Hibernate ORM integration
WildFly feature pack - Elasticsearch integration
WildFly feature pack - Amazon IAM authentication for Elasticsearch

Zip archive

Direct download is available from SourceForge:

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What's new

Latest release announcement (2018-09-10): 5.9.3.Final.

A detailed list of new features, improvements and fixes in this series can be found on our issue tracker.

JSR 352 (Batch for Java) mass indexing job

A JSR 352 mass indexing job was added, adding in particular the ability to restart from a checkpoint when indexing fails.

See the documentation for more information, and this blog post for an introduction to JSR 352 in Hibernate Search.

JBoss modules now distributed as feature packs

The Hibernate Search JBoss Modules, for use in WildFly or JBoss EAP, are now distributed as WildFly feature packs, which makes provisioning a WildFly server with an upgraded Hibernate Search version easier than ever. The feature packs can also be consumed using WildFly Swarm.

Also, the modules are now distributed as multiple feature packs, which means that components are split in fine grained packages, allowing you to pick only the parts you will need. For example, you won’t need to add the Elasticsearch clients to your server if you only use Lucene.

See the documentation for more information on the available feature packs and how to consume them.

Releases in this series

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