Hibernate ORM

6.2 series development

Jakarta Persistence 3.1, records, structs, value generation, partitioning, SQL `MERGE`


Java 11, 17 or 18
Jakarta Persistence 3.1

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Documentation for Hibernate ORM 6.2 can be accessed through the links below:

HTML API (JavaDoc)

You can find more documentation for all series on the documentation page.

How to get it

Maven, Gradle...

Maven artifacts of Hibernate ORM are published to Maven Central.

You can find the Maven coordinates of all artifacts through the link below:

Maven artifacts

More information about specific releases (announcements, download links) can be found here.


If you need to upgrade from a previous series, please refer to the migration guide:


What's new

Hibernate ORM 6.2 is still in development:

  • some features may be incomplete;

  • newly introduced features may change in a backward-incompatible way before the stable release.

We encourage you to give it a try and to let us know of any bugs or problems you encounter.

Latest release announcement (2022-01-27): 6.2.0.CR2.

A detailed list of new features, improvements and fixes in this series can be found on our issue tracker.

  • Support for Java record

  • Support for STRUCT datatypes

  • Improved generated value support

  • @PartitionKey

Releases in this series





6.2.0, Java 11, Jakarta Persistence 3.1

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