Hibernate ORM

6.6 series development

Java Time Handling, Configurable Query Cache Layout, records as @IdClass, auto-enabled Filters, Key-based Pagination, Jakarta Data (tech preview)


Java 11, 17 or 21
Jakarta Persistence 3.1

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Documentation for Hibernate ORM 6.6 can be accessed through the links below:

HTML API (JavaDoc)

You can find more documentation for all series on the documentation page.

How to get it

Maven, Gradle...

Maven artifacts of Hibernate ORM are published to Maven Central. Most build tools fetch artifacts from Maven Central by default, but if that's not the case for you, see this page to configure your build tool.

You can find the Maven coordinates of all artifacts through the link below:

Maven artifacts

Below are the Maven coordinates of the main artifacts.

Core implementation
Spatial support
Envers audit support
HikariCP connection pooling
c3p0 connection pooling
Proxool connection pooling
JCache second-level caching

Direct download

Individual Maven artifacts may be downloaded directly from the Maven repository:

Maven Central subdirectory

See here for how to download all dependencies of your Maven project to a local directory on your filesystem.

See here for how to download an explicitly listed set of artifacts to a local directory on your filesystem.

More information about specific releases (announcements, download links) can be found here.

Getting started

If you want to start using Hibernate ORM 6.6, please refer to the getting started guide:



If you need to upgrade from a previous series, please refer to the migration guide:


What's new

Hibernate ORM 6.6 is still in development:

  • some features may be incomplete;

  • newly introduced features may change in a backward-incompatible way before the stable release.

We encourage you to give it a try and to let us know of any bugs or problems you encounter.

Latest release announcement (2024-06-14): 6.6.0.CR1.

A detailed list of new features, improvements and fixes in this series can be found on our issue tracker.

  • Jakarta Data

  • @ConcreteProxy

Development versions (SNAPSHOTS)

The latest development versions of Maven artifacts for Hibernate ORM are published to the OSSRH snapshots repository.

OSSRH snapshots subdirectory

You should only need those (unstable) versions for testing recently merged patches, and should never use them in production.

To consume these artifacts, you may need to configure your build tool to fetch artifacts from and to enable snapshots:

Maven Gradle

Releases in this series

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